Encourage Responsible Teen Driving from the Start

Safe driving is everyone’s responsibility. Consider that over half of all motor vehicle accidents could be avoided if drivers make intelligent driving decisions. As teen drivers, you are most at risk because you lack the experience (and sometimes the maturity) to make intelligent decisions at critical times. Strive to form good driving habits early, and they’ll last a (long) lifetime!

Governors Highway Safety Association-State-by-State overview of state highway safety laws (includes graduated drivers license laws and cell phone usage laws)

Parent-Teen Driving Contract-A guide to help you and your teen agree and commit to driving rules and the consequences of breaking them.

Safe cars for your teen-Important tips to follow when choosing a safe car for your young driver.

Cut the cost of insuring your teen driver

  • Keep those grades up-Most companies offer a discount to students with a “B” average or better.
  • Complete Drivers Ed.- Discounts apply to each youthful operator under 21 years of age where “Satisfactory Evidence” is presented confirming completion of a driver education course.
  • Choose a safe car for your young driver-Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Vehicle Safety Ratings