If part of your New Year’s resolutions includes reducing clutter, here’s a great idea. Go Paperless!

Why go paperless?

These days, more companies are giving customers the options of receiving bills, notices, and other paperwork electronically, as well as making payments over the internet. When you choose to go paperless, you will typically receive an email letting you know that a statement is ready for you on the company’s website.

There are several factors to consider when deciding to go paperless and here are a few reasons to consider paperless billing.

It can save you money. You eliminate the cost of postage, and some companies even give you a discount for paperless billing and setting up EFT payments. Plus, you don’t have to worry about whether your submitted payment arrives by its due date.

It can reduce clutter. All those paper bills, notices, and statements tend to pile up, and you have to put them somewhere. Eventually, they just become something you will have to worry about disposing of safely. Why not avoid that problem altogether?

It can be more convenient. Rather than keep up with a filing system at work, you can refer to the company billing page for billing and payment history and information.

It can be more secure. Switching to paperless statements could help prevent identity theft resulting from stolen mail.  

It’s good for the environment. Eliminating paper bills and statements can save pounds of paper, as well as all the waste that comes with paper production. Most of our insurance partners offer opportunities for paperless transactions. And our friends at The Travelers are so committed to conservation they plant a tree for every person who goes paperless. Read more…

Want more details on how you can go paperless and help the environment? Call or email your agent today.